Jess Gillam’s last single before the full album, is released today (4-9-20).

“It’s ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ by Max Richter – an absolutely stunning piece and the most emotional to record on the album. It has an incredible luminescent quality and a huge thank you to to the ensemble – Roberts, Michael, Laurie, Eoin, Matthew, Gabi and Sam for playing so beautifully. I really hope you enjoy it”. 

I’m very excited to announce my new single ‘Transit of Venus’, out now! The piece is originally by Joby Talbot who you might know as the composer of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) film soundtrack.

The piece is from a project called ‘Once Around the Sun’ which is inspired by the year long cycle of the transit of the earth around the sun, and Joby composed one piece a month for the project. I was first introduced to this piece by my Dad who loves Joby Talbot’s music and its ethereal beauty has inspired me ever since!

We recorded Transit of Venus in RAK Studios on day two of the three-day recording process. Other tracks recorded that day include the Philip Glass, Brian Eno and Björk pieces which I can’t wait for you to hear! 

You can watch Jess in conversation with Joby Talbot here:

New single out now – “Orbit” by Will Gregory

“Orbit” is a brand new piece by Will Gregory from Goldfrapp and has been written especially for the album. It’s for string quartet, bass synth and marimba and it has such a great groove and feel!

Will says of the piece “Orbit is a circular journey presenting different facets of the same underlying view… being by turns subtle and crude, rational, then cajoling, then pleading”.

Big thanks to Roberts, Michael, Laurie, Gabi, Sam and Elsa (queen of that marimba part!) for playing with such fire and I really hope all of you reading this like the track!

You can use this link to download or listen to “Orbit”.

New single out now – ‘Suspirium’ by Thom Yorke 

” I have listened to Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s voice since I was very young so recording this was a brilliant experience. This song was written as part of the soundtrack for the horror film ‘Suspiria’ – it is dripping with melancholy yet it has such a strangely hypnotic and beautiful quality.

In this arrangement by Benjamin Rimmer, the song almost feels like folk music and I absolutely loved trying to replicate the tragic romance of Thom Yorke’s voice. There is a line in the lyrics, ‘all is well, as long as we keep spinning’, that really resonated with me and seems even more relevant in these strange times.  I recorded it at RAK Studios with my brand new ensemble! Thank you to Robert, Laurie, Leif and Gabi for playing it so expressively.”

You can use this link to download or listen to ‘Suspirium’

“When I got the chance to record my first album, I wanted it to reflect music that I really love. Like many people, David Bowie was one of my musical heroes and with my new album Rise released on the 26th April, I’m proud to release a video single of his 2013 song ‘Where are we now?’. It was shot in Berlin (where else?) and you can view it here“.

‘Where are we now?’ is also available on Rise, released on Friday 26th April. You can pre-order via this link.

Jess Gillam’s new track Pequena Czarda is released digitally on 23 November on Decca Classics.

“I’m so excited to share a brand new track with you today – Pequeña Czarda by Pedro Iturralde! This is one of my all time favourite pieces to play, I perform it regularly and you may have seen me play it at the BBC Young Musician 2016 Woodwind Category Final, so I’m incredibly excited to be able to finally release it for you all to listen, along with a brand new music video.”

Use this link to stream or purchase Pequena Czarda.

Or you can watch her latest video here:

Jess releases her debut singles with Decca Classics!  If by Michael Nyman and Brazileira, the third movement from Darius Milhaud’s Scaramouche are now available to download from the following link.

You can also watch videos for both singles here:





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