Jess releases her fourth single, “Transit of Venus” from her forthcoming new album

Jess Gillam Transit of Venus single

I’m very excited to announce my new single ‘Transit of Venus’, out now! The piece is originally by Joby Talbot who you might know as the composer of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) film soundtrack.

The piece is from a project called ‘Once Around the Sun’ which is inspired by the year long cycle of the transit of the earth around the sun, and Joby composed one piece a month for the project. I was first introduced to this piece by my Dad who loves Joby Talbot’s music and its ethereal beauty has inspired me ever since!

We recorded Transit of Venus in RAK Studios on day two of the three-day recording process. Other tracks recorded that day include the Philip Glass, Brian Eno and Björk pieces which I can’t wait for you to hear! 

You can watch Jess in conversation with Joby Talbot here: