Jess Gillam releases second album ‘TIME’ on Decca Classics on 25 September

Jess Gillam Time

Following her debut album RISE, which reached No.1 in the UK Classical chart, Classic BRIT Award-winning saxophonist Jess Gillam releases TIME on Friday 25 September on Decca Classics.

Physical pre-order is available from today and the first single, Luke Howard’s Dappled Light – written especially for Gillam – is available for streaming and download from today. Pre-order and single downloads are available from this link 

Jess Gillam says:
I am so excited to announce I have a new album, TIME, which is going to be released on 25th September and the first single is out now!  I have been bursting with excitement about this project and I am so happy I can finally share the news with you – it has been such a special album and I have recorded my all time favourite concerto Where the Bee Dances by Michael Nyman. This first single is a new commission by the brilliant Luke Howard called ‘Dappled Light’. It’s a stunning musical reflection on early dawn, I felt as though I was echoing birdsong when I recorded the saxophone line! A huge thanks to Luke Howard for writing this piece. I’ve recorded it with a brand new ensemble – the ‘Jess Gillam Ensemble’, made up of some close friends and just all round lovely people and recording with them was one of the best experiences of my life. The whole album is called ’TIME’ and it mirrors the arc of energy in a passing day and the constant orbit of our existence. I don’t think I could be more excited to share it with you so I really hope you enjoy the first single! Thanks to Leif, Elsa, Laurie, Sam and Gabi for playing so beautifully.

Last year I moved to London and quickly became acutely aware of the speed and intensity of life. Everything is in constant orbit: I am orbiting around the world as a musician, there’s the orbit of a day, of thoughts around the mind and I noticed how many people are looking for a place to stop and reflect.

I began thinking about this and wanted to create an album which gives the listener space in which to immerse themselves and perhaps give them a moment away from the world as it is right now. I listen to and love such a huge array of music so the album’s influences range from classical to techno and minimalism to alternative pop! 

To me, music can be completely transformative and the experience of watching a live performance or sitting down to listen to an album is one of the only places in modern life where we can completely focus on what is happening before us with no distractions. There are no screens, no instant messaging, just a sense of direct communication. It’s something that requires patience but can be utterly life-affirming.”

You can download a press release here.