Jess releases her second single, ‘Suspirium from her forthcoming new album

Suspirium single

New single out now – ‘Suspirium’ by Thom Yorke 

” I have listened to Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s voice since I was very young so recording this was a brilliant experience. This song was written as part of the soundtrack for the horror film ‘Suspiria’ – it is dripping with melancholy yet it has such a strangely hypnotic and beautiful quality.

In this arrangement by Benjamin Rimmer, the song almost feels like folk music and I absolutely loved trying to replicate the tragic romance of Thom Yorke’s voice. There is a line in the lyrics, ‘all is well, as long as we keep spinning’, that really resonated with me and seems even more relevant in these strange times.  I recorded it at RAK Studios with my brand new ensemble! Thank you to Robert, Laurie, Leif and Gabi for playing it so expressively.”

You can use this link to download or listen to ‘Suspirium’